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At the MSLab, we research novel models and algorithms to simulate mechanical phenomena in a wide variety of applications involving dynamic systems. These include medical training and planning, computer animation and videogames, computational design and virtual prototyping, computer haptics or virtual touch, and even molecular dynamics for drug design.

We pay special interest to the robust and efficient solution of contact and interaction between different objects, particles, or materials. We aim to develop solutions from different angles, including geometric algorithms, efficient discretizations, numerical methods, directable simulation, the use of precomputed or measured data, massively parallel computing, or user interaction.

The MSLab is part of the Modeling and Virtual Reality Group at URJC Madrid.

We have new papers!

Anthony Talvas, Maud Marchal, Christian Duriez, Miguel A. Otaduy


Eder Miguel, Maria Laura DAngelo, Ferdinando Cannella, Matteo Bianchi, Mariacarla Memeo, Antonio Bicchi, Darwin G. Caldwell, Miguel A. Otaduy


Jesus Perez, Bernhard Thomaszewski, Stelian Coros, Bernd Bickel, José A. Canabal, Robert Sumner, Miguel A. Otaduy




Alvaro G. Perez, Daniel Lobo, Francesco Chinello, Gabriel Cirio, Monica Malvezzi, José San Martín, Domenico Prattichizzo, Miguel A. Otaduy