Estimation of Yarn-Level Simulation Models for Production Fabrics

Georg Sperl$^{1}$, Rosa M. Sánchez-Banderas$^{2}$, Manwen Li$^{3}$, Chris Wojtan$^{1}$, Miguel A. Otaduy$^{4}$.

  1. Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Austria
  2. SEDDI, Spain
  3. Under Armour, USA
  4. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain

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Dataset explorer

How to use

The following Jupyter notebook visualizes the dataset used to fit the simulation models described in the paper. Run the following cells to generate a summary of the data contained in the dataset.

Yarn types summary

The following table contains the properties of all yarns present in the fabrics of the data set: material, denier (i.e., mass density), and stretch stiffness.

Fabric types summary

The following table contains a detailed description of the composition of each fabric, applied finishes, as well as other measurements such as fabric density, thickness and size of the periodic repeat.

Per-fabric data

This section examines in detail the captured data per-fabric: stretch force, compression and bending per direction, high resolution photographs and the registered geometry.