Miguel Ángel Otaduy


Department of Computer Science

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 91 488 8115

Mail: miguel.otaduy[at]urjc.es

In my research, I design computer models of biomechanics, the objects around us, and our interaction. We create simulations for computer animation or virtual reality, but we also create innovative solutions for design in real-world applications as diverse as fashion, virtual touch, medicine, or robotics.

I am the director of the Multimodal Simulation Lab, and professor of computer science at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos since 2008. I hold a BS (2000) in Electrical Engineering from Mondragon University, and MS (2003) and PhD (2004) in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. From 2005 to 2008 I was a senior researcher at the Computer Graphics Laboratory at ETH Zurich.

I am a recipient of an ERC Consolidator Grant (2017) and an ERC Starting Grant (2011).

I am co-founder and CSO of SEDDI, where we create digital solutions for fashion. And our lab is incubating CLAP, a solution for natural XR interaction.

I enjoy sharing my passion for computer animation with young students and researchers. I teach at our BS degree on game design and development, and our MS degree on computer graphics (in Spanish only).