Reading Seminar on Physics-Based Simulation in Computer Graphics

The purpose of the seminar is to discuss cutting-edge innovations in physics-based simulation in computer graphics, understand their fundamental contributions, propose further advancements, and overall acquire a taste for high-quality research in the field, writing of scientific papers, and production of stunning demonstrations.


The seminar is of advanced level, and basic knowledge on computational mechanics and computer graphics is expected.


The reading seminar is open to PhD students and researchers at URJC. Master students interested in the seminar may send a request to miguel.otaduy[at]


20/03/2019 – Latent-space Dynamics for Reduced Deformable Simulation

27/02/2019 – Learning a Shared Shape Space for Multimodal Garment Design

30/01/2019 – Interaction Networks for Learning about Objects, Relations and Physics

14/11/2018 – Scalable Laplacian Eigenfluids

07/11/2018 – Fluid Dynamics using Laplacian Eigenfunctions

17/10/2018 – Learning-Based Animation of Clothing for Virtual Try-On

04/10/2018 – Hyper-Reduced Projective Dynamics

19/09/2018 – Mechanical Characterization of Structured Sheet Materials

05/09/2018 – Skaterbots: Optimization-based design and motion synthesis

25/07/2018 – PSCC: Parallel Self-Collision Culling with Spatial Hashing on GPUs

11/07/2018 – Breaking the Tracking: Enabling Weight Perception using Perceivable Tracking Offsets

20/06/2018 – Vibrotactile Stimuli with Spatio-Temporal Inverse Filtering

13/06/2018 – Numerical Coarsening using Discontinuous Shape Functions

23/05/2018 – Subspace Clothing Simulation Using Adaptive Bases

09/05/2018 – DeepWarp: DNN-based Nonlinear Deformation

25/04/2018 – Accelerating Eulerian Fluid Simulation With Convolutional Networks

11/04/2018 – Worst-case Structural Analysis

21/03/2018 – Towards Force Sensing from Vision

14/03/2018 – Deformation capture and modeling of soft objects

07/03/2018 – Example-Based Damping Design Part II

28/02/2018 – Example-Based Damping Design Part I

21/02/2018 – Visual Simulation of Crystal Ice Growth

14/02/2018 – Energetically Consistent Invertible Elasticity of Alexey Stomakhin

24/01/2018 – Data-driven Fluid Simulations using Regression Forests

17/01/2018 – Learning-based cloth material recovery from video

18/10/2017 – DeepGarment : 3D Garment Shape Estimation from a Single Image

11/10/2017 – A Compiler for 3D Machine Knitting

04/10/2017 – Submodular Trajectory Optimization for 3D Aerial Scanning

28/09/2017 – Active Touch Perception Produced by Airborne Ultrasonic Haptic Hologram

21/06/2017 – Anisotropic Elastoplasticity for Cloth, Knit and Hair Frictional Contact

31/05/2017 – A stiffly Accurate Integrator for Elastodynamic Problems

24/05/2017 – Curveups: Shaping objects from Flat Plates with Tension-Actuated Curvature

17/05/2017 – Data-Driven Physics for Human Soft Tissue Animation

10/05/2017 – The Affine Particle-in-Cell

03/05/2017 – Rendering Volumetric Haptic Shapes in Mid-Air using Ultrasound

26/04/2017 – Stitch Meshes for Modeling Knitted Clothing with Yarn-level Detail

19/04/2017 – Air Meshes for Robust Collision Handling

05/04/2017 – An Efficient Construction of Reduced Deformable Objects

29/03/2017 – Coupling 3D Eulerian, Heightfield and Particle Methods for Interactive Simulation of Large Scale Liquid Phenomena

22/03/2017 – A Screen-Space Formulation for 2D and 3D Direct Manipulation

15/03/2017 – Extended Position-based Dynamics

08/03/2017 – Fast approximations for boundary element based brittle fracture simulation

01/03/2017 – Non-Linear Shape Optimization Using Local Subspace Projections

22/02/2017 – Reconstructing Personalized Anatomical Models for Physics-based Body Animation

15/02/2017 – Multifarious Hierarchies of Mechanical Models for Artist Assigned Levels-of-Detail

07/04/2016 – Optimization Integrator for Large Time Steps

17/12/2015 – Biomechanical simulation and control of hands and tendinous systems

03/12/2015 – Wave Particles

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